• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Arise Awake Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached



“ARISE, AWAKE AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED” The Institute provides an excellent platform for each pupil teacher to achieve their desired goal.


To be a premier institute offering EDUCATION and TRAINING that fosters INNOVATION, ENTERPRISE and an enthusiasm for EXCELLENCE contributing towards National development.


To create innovative Pre service & In service training systems & environment for offering a complete system of teacher education relevant to societal needs along with effective accountability helping the educant to go forward in his/ her own way.


Our educational philosophy is forward looking with an aim to provide wholesome and quality education. The pupil teachers are trained to shed all sectarian outlook and be proud of their being Indians. Our efforts are to create an environment where noble thoughts come from every side to help the young ones to lie in peace with themselves and with the world around. A child is allowed to develop freely in a harmonious environment. Attention is given to the development of the child’s intellect, and his sensitivities to the surroundings to enable him to enjoy the sparkling joys of his tender years.

We encourage pupils to learn for themselves. It novels teaching them the main skills they need to conduct the independent inquiry to search new topics, to make connections between different subjects and to think for themselves.