• Tue. Mar 2nd, 2021

Arise Awake Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached


The emergence of RKTTI in the academic horizon of the N.C.R has added new dimensions to quality of teacher education. An attempt is being made to provide the teacher education in a highly conducive environment to shape the future of teachers with potential to emerge as globally acceptable teachers. The highly dedicated faculty, all pervading academic environment, infrastructural facilities for sports and recreation and the co-curricular activities, which help in all-round development of a personality of pupil teachers’ and help in diagnosing pupils’ difficulties and remedial teaching.


The main co-curricular activities of the institutes are :

1. The morning assembly, campus cleaning and the organization of social & cultural events are the regular feature of the institute. During this period pupil teachers are provided with inputs and skills essential for their growth. The purpose of these activities enables them to become good teachers.
2. Simulated programmes are organized to prepare them for teaching and for organizing co-curricular activities in Practice teaching schools.
3.Work Experience is integrated with school subjects.
4. A number of cultural events were organized during the year to give a pleasant break to the students, a leave from the hectic study schedule, and a sure treat for the eyes and ears.
* Workshops
*Inter House Activities
*Tours & Excursions