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Arise Awake Stop Not Till the Goal is Reached


Ramakrishna Teacher Training Institute runs Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed ) earlier known as Elementary Teacher Education (ETE) and Diploma in Pre School Education (D.P.S.E.) earlier known as Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). Courses are recognized by Directorate of Education, Govt. of Delhi as well as National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) after the establishment of NCTE in pursuance of the National Council for Teacher Education Act, 1993 effective with effect from 17th August, 1995.

CourseDurationSeatsRecognition/ NOC from Directorate of Higher Education/Govt. of Delhi vide letter no.Recognition by NCTE vide letter no.
Diploma in Elementary Education (D.EL.Ed ) / Elementary Teacher Education (ETE)2 Year
(full time)
502855 dt. 26-06-92NCTE/ NRC/F-3/ DL-38/ 98/ 2014
Dt. 03-07-98
Diploma in Pre School Education (D.P.S.E.) / Early Childhood Care & Education (ECCE)2 Year
(full time)
80F.DDW/121/3 ( ) / Z – 25/ 9 / 2796 Dt.30-07-1991NCTE/NRC/F-3/DL-39/97/1631
Dt. 19-06-97