The emergence of RKTTI in the academic horizon of the N.C.R has added new dimensions to quality of teacher education. An attempt is being made to provide the teacher education in a highly conducive environment to shape the future of teachers with potential to emerge as globally acceptable teachers.
The highly dedicated faculty, all pervading academic environment, infrastructural facilities for sports and recreation and the co-curricular activities, which help in all-round development of a personality of pupil teachers’ and help in diagnosing pupils’ difficulties and remedial teaching.
The main co-curricular activities of the institutes are :
1. The morning assembly, campus cleaning and the organization of social & cultural events are the regular feature of the institute. During this period pupil teachers are provided with inputs and skills essential for their growth. The purpose of these activities enable them to become good teachers.
2. Simulated programmes are organized to prepare them for teaching and for organizing co-curricular activities in Practice teaching schools.
3. Work Experience is integrated with school subjects.
4. A number of cultural events were organized during the year to give a pleasant break to the students, a leave from the hectic study schedule, and a sure treat for the eyes and ears.

To develop the creativity among the students workshops in various art activities such as.
Resham and Velvet painting
Making handkerchief
Paper bags
Gift items
are organised from time to time. These workshops help in bringing out the hidden talent of the students.

Workshops for promoting communication skills were organised. Students are motivated to communicate in impressive manner. Teachers develop the communication skills of the pupil teachers through conversation classes and organising debates and declamation contests.

The students who are creative can participate in this activity. Collage Making requires participants to use magazine cuttings etc. to prepare a collage on a topic given to them.


The pupil teachers are divided into four houses i.e. Paramhansa, Vivekananda, Sharda and Nivedita. Each house has a house mistress assisted by house teacher. Duties are given in rotation to each house. They are responsible for the over all discipline, cleanliness, celebration of festivals, morning assemblies. and to inculcate team spirit amongst the pupil teachers . A wide variety of competitions, elocutions, dramatics, debates, quizzes, music, dances, art and craft competitions are held house wise regularly.

Antakshari is a very special and enjoyable event at RKTTI. It consists of various rounds: Alphabet Round, Mukhda – Antara Round, Situation Round, Dhun Round & Audio Round & Audio -Visual Round. This audience do not loose interest until the end as each round has a special question for the audience also by answering which they can win prizes.

A talent hunt show is organized every year to expore the talent of the pupil teachers. The pupil teachers can perform anything of their choice and the best talent is aptly rewarded. As there is a vast pool of talent available in RKTTI, it becomes difficult for the judge to declare the Prize Winners but winners are there.
 It is quite essential to teach the time management skills to the students in the present era of tough competition. Keeping the above purpose in mind, a one Minute Game Show is arranged in which the participants have to complete each activity given to them in one minute. The various tasks given to them are – putting thread in needle, inflating the balloons, cutting onions, lighting candles, eating rasgullas, etc.
A multifarious Quiz is organized in every session which covered question from all the streams through its various rounds. The student who are short listed after are the real gems & thus, their team are rightly named as Housewise.


At RKTTI, modernity blends with tradition. The Freshers’ Party which is organized every year for the new batch perfectly exemplifies that. The Freshers are welcomed in the Party in a traditional manner of putting ‘Tilak’ on the forehead and by preparing colourful Rangoli on the floor. On the other hand, a touch of modernity is also given by welcoming them with Rose buds and ending the party with a shaking on the floor – the Jam Session.
Inspite of the hectic schedule and pressure of studies, the pupil teachers celebrate Teachers’ Day on 5th September every year with great zeal and enthusiasm. There are series of events like games for teachers, skits and dance which make the day enjoyable & memorable.


To enhance the knowledge of the students about their surroundings, the institute organizes various excursion trips, tours and picnics. These excursions are an integral part of educational process and play important role to enrich the knowledge of the students of Indian History, Geography, Culture and Heritage. The tours are meant to enable the students to have first hand experience of the natural surroundings and other important places.

Tour organizing committee, comprising of faculty members and students representatives makes all out efforts to prepare the students mentally for visiting the places of interest. The discussion sessions also are organized before visit. It is made clear to the pupil teachers that they should prepare a report on the tour. Tour provides an opportunity to the pupil teachers for community living which is indeed a powerful means of education, entertainment and personality development.